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Frequently Asked Questions

My weepholes don't seem to be working. What do I do?

Call The Canal Wall Doctor today we will inspect the problem weepholes and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing recommended repairs. We can then carry out the repairs to clear and restore the drainage. If weepholes don't allow the water to escape, pressure builds up and pushes against your wall. This may lead to cracks, subsidence or even complete wall failure. Get them checked and cleared immediately.

Why are crabs an issue?

Crabs dig in behind the revetment wall and cause subsidence or suck-ins. This can lead to unsupported sections of your wall. With our programmed maintenance we will keep your weepholes clear and protected from larger crabs.

My wall is not very old - Does it need maintenance?

Age means nothing. Within months barnacles and oysters begin forming on your wall. If they are blocking your weepholes they must be cleared, it is that simple. Subsidence and settling behind new walls can leave them exposed, a flood event can expose the toe and leave it unsupported. Don't risk your investment. Get your wall inspected.

Why do I need weephole maintenance?

Your wall protects your property. Who is maintaining the wall? When walls fall down property is subject to tide and flood damages. Recent flooding left some owners in Clear island Waters with about 4m less frontage as their wall failed and the flood water tore away their yard. Don't let it happen to you. Our team can schedule your wall in every 12 months and make it one less thing to worry about.

What do I do if my wall has already collapsed?

Call The Canal Wall Doctor on 0402 949 163 now! You are legally responsible for the wall and if the council see you are not correcting it or taking steps to do so they are currently putting in place a fining law which may result in fines of up to $88000.

What will happen if the engineer says I need to get work done because my wall is unsound?

We can provide every solution for you from temporary corrections to total replacement. We ensure you are covering your legal obligations and guide you through with paperwork and permits.

What do I do if my wall is already leaning?

Our team will check, measure, and record data and take photos of your wall. If the wall is at risk, they will recommend an engineers inspection. We can set this up for you. From here you will be given honest, experienced feedback and specialist recommendations.

How often should I have my wall inspected?

Engineers recommend that canal walls and revetment walls are inspected at least every 12 months to maintain the wall and assess any changes.


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