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Revetment Wall Repairs

Specialist revetment wall repair services

Inspection and Reporting

A canal wall repair specialist can come to your wall by boat where weep-hole condition, construction joint condition, general wall health can be recorded and photographed. A comprehensive report is then prepared for you. This will include any recommendations for repairs or maintenance.

We will keep this report on file. If you enter into the recommended maintenance schedule, we will use it to compare the data every year to ensure your wall remains healthy and structurally sound.

Routine maintenance inspections allow our team to alert you to any changes in the wall condition and promptly arrange for repairs to be carried out.

Revetment wall subsidence

When material is lost from behind the revetment wall, subsidence occurs. This is very obvious when grass lumps, fences become uneven, or concrete and paving become uneven or crack. Concrete pathways adjoining revetment walls often conceal erosion. This is an important to be aware of and get routinely monitored.

Revetment wall subsidence
Revetment wall subsidence

When weepholes and construction joints no longer function correctly, subsidence occurs behind the wall. This client lost a lot of material close to the stairs and pool.

Subsidence repairs
Subsidence repairs

After correcting the front of the wall so the material is no longer being lost, we pumped sand into the void and returned the pebbles and pavers correcting the subsidence.

Wall repairs complete
Completed wall repairs

Revetment Rock Armouring

If the toe of the revetment wall is no longer adequately covered and is no longer to canal design, we call in our team from Gold Coast Barges to carry out correctional work. This work may involve rock armouring or sand replenishment depending on the design and the location of your wall.

Check out some of the projects Gold Coast Barges carried out - gcbarges.com.au

Full Revetment Wall Replacement

From time to time the team at The Canal Wall Doctor are called in to look at a wall only to discover that it has already failed or is on the brink of failure.

If this is the case, we call an engineer to advise and provide replacement recommendations. We will work with the engineer to ensure your wall is replaced to design.

We ensure the required paperwork is lodged with all relevant bodies, including council and legal.

  • We provide a regular, professional service by trained specialists
  • We work hand in hand with the experienced team at Gold Coast Barges and engineers should you need their assistance.
  • We provide support for the wall that supports your home.

Your local revetment wall and canal wall specialists

If your wall is no longer able to protect your property contact the team at The Canal Wall Doctor we will be able to sort the problem for you.

Council revetment wall requirements

More information on the relevant council revetment wall requirements, including maintenance and repairs in your area:

Sunshine Coast Artificial Waterways Handbook.pdf


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