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Canal wall and revetment wall services

The Canal Wall Doctor recognised that owners of canal walls across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe and Redland Bay want a no-fuss answer to their revetment wall maintenance issues. Our experienced team offer professional, prompt and practical solutions for your revetment wall problems. Providing inspections, comprehensive reporting, and complete correction of issues found in canal walls.

The Canal Wall Doctor Fleet
Canal Wall Doctor Fleet

With many years in the marine industry throughout the South East Queensland area, Greg Sweetman and his team work to bring peace of mind to clients from Bribie Island to Mermaid Waters, and beyond.

Our team supply all equipment required to correct and repair your canal walls. If the issue is beyond general maintenance then the team at Gold Coast Barges are brought in to solve the bigger problem.

The Canal Wall Doctor can take care of all your waterfront maintenance efficiently. Problem solved.

The Canal Wall Doctor is a targetted arm of our parent company Gold Coast Barges.

How long has it been since your last revetment wall checkup?

The Canal Doctor offers systematic inspections of your revetment wall and identifies any arising or urgent issues that may prevent your wall from functioning correctly or lead to larger problems in the future.

Our team offer scheduled maintenance for your canal wall in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Redland Bay, Sunshine Coast and Redcliffe.

Revetment Wall Failure
Revetment wall failure

Revetment wall repair services

Inspection and Report

A canal wall repair specialist can come to your wall by boat where weep-hole condition, construction joint condition, general wall health can be recorded and photographed. A comprehensive report is then prepared for you which will include any recommendations for repairs or maintenance.

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Weephole Maintenance

Your wall has weepholes which help to stabilise the wall by allowing water to flow from behind the wall as the tide drops. If weepholes become clogged and are no longer able to allow this to happen, which creates additional pressure behind the wall. Clearing these of obstructions is essential to your wall's health.

Failed weephole
The filter is gone allowing the material from behind the wall to escape.

Our weephole maintenance program is a 12 monthly visit where we come by boat, clear the holes of barnacles and other obstructions and replace the filter sand re-install plugs or covers.

Geo-filter plugs - new and old
Geo-filter plugs - new and old

The weephole covers/plugs are important as they help to hold the filters in place and prevent large crabs from making their homes behind your wall.

Weephole cleaning and repair
Weephole cleaning and repair

This is a corrected weephole. Note that the water is still flowing but with plug and filter system in place, it is no longer losing material from behind the wall.

Corrected weephole
Corrected weephole

Construction Joint Deterioration- Reseal

Revetment walls are built with construction joints to allow them to expand and shrink with temperature changes. Usually, these joints are sealed with a rubber material to prevent water and soil from being lost through them. However, over time, the rubber deteriorates - especially below the high tide line (crabs seem to love it!).

More information on Construction Joint Resealing

Construction joint deterioration
Construction joint deterioration

Revetment Wall Concrete Spalling or Concrete Cancer Repairs

Revetment wall concrete spalling or concrete cancer occurs when salt water causes corrosion of the steel reinforcing inside the wall. Sometimes this is due to poor construction, where steel is too close to the surface. Sometimes the salt water penetrates through small cracks in the wall. As the steel corrodes, it expands and causes surrounding areas to crack. In severe cases the concrete falls away, further exposing the steel and exacerbating the problem.

More information on Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete spalling
Concrete spalling or cancer

Surface Cracking - Paste Layer Deterioration

We recommend a Spalling Zone Wall Penetrating Sealant treatment to slow the water ingress that causes concrete spalling. Small cracks and surface deterioration of the wall is normal and a part of the ageing process, however, resealing it will slow this deterioration.

High pressure cleaning of spalling zone
High pressure cleaning of spalling zone

Oyster cleaning and high pressure cleaning the wall to 400mm below high tide is essential to give the sealant a clean surface to adhere to.

Oyster cleaning of spalling zone
Oyster cleaning of spalling zone

Revetment wall subsidence

When material is lost from behind the revetment wall, subsidence occurs. This is very obvious when grass lumps, fences become uneven, or concrete and paving become uneven or crack. Concrete pathways adjoining revetment walls often conceal erosion. This is an important to be aware of and get routinely monitored.

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Revetment wall subsidence
Revetment wall subsidence

Revetment Rock Armouring

If the toe of the revetment wall is no longer adequately covered and is no longer to canal design, we call in our team from Gold Coast Barges to carry out correctional work. This work may involve rock armouring or sand replenishment depending on the design and the location of your wall.

More information on Revetment Wall Rock Repairs

Full Revetment Wall Replacement

From time to time the team at The Canal Wall Doctor are called in to look at a wall only to discover that it has already failed or is on the brink of failure. If this is the case, we call an engineer to advise and provide replacement recommendations.

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Your local revetment wall and canal wall specialists

If your wall is no longer able to protect your property contact the team at The Canal Wall Doctor we will be able to sort the problem for you.

Greg Sweetman and his team have been helping waterfront owners protect and maintain their property for over 10 years.

Greg Sweetman - The Canal Wall Doctor
Greg Sweetman - The Canal Wall Doctor & Gold Coast Barges

We work under the advice of engineers and with a team of professional partners in landscaping and building services, The Canal Wall Doctor and Gold Coast Barges can sort all of your waterfront needs.

To find out more about the services Gold Coast Barges can provide here - gcbarges.com.au


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